A One Way Ticket to Dullsville Arizona.

We have reached the time of year when it seems to be constantly dull outside, and we are not just referring to the weather!

The great British people may feel sorry for themselves on these dark and dreary mornings, but why must we let this affect our clothing choices?

We all dream of waking up to blue skies and fabulous sunshine and on the odd occasion we do!

There is nothing like choosing those luscious brights to complement those rare British Summer skies.

Suddenly a day at the office doesn’t seem so bad and even us Brits have a spring in our step.

Here at Susannah Hall tailors we are always zooming around town ready to flash a smile.

No this is not because we are bananas (although some of you may beg to differ!), but because we are not afraid of expressing our personality with a splash of colour!

It’s all too easy to wear colours that reflect ones surroundings.

You see doom and gloom and therefore so does your wardrobe.

Before you know it the vibrant and fabulous people of the UK are in a sea of black holding a one way ticket to Dullsville, Arizona.

Even electrical giants Phillips have created a dress that changes colour with your mood.


Susannah Hall is ready to set our lovely readers a challenge!!!

When you wake up with the famous Monday blues, why not confront your fears and grab that neglected item from your wardrobe that you know will put a smile on your face!

Remember peeps, you don’t have to wait until the summer months to wear scrummy colours.

Whether you wear a tie, a scarf or your very own technicoloured dream coat, we expect to see the UK vibrant with colour on Monday!!!!

Are you ready to give the office colour envy?