A fabulous suit deserves a fabulous shirt

So Monday is here once again and autumn is definitely upon us.

You would be forgiven for mistaking the mornings for the middle of the night and rumours of snow are working their way through the grapevine once again.

So how do we cheer ourselves up on those "oh so dull" mornings and give us some much needed motivation to leave our cosy warm beds?

Have you ever noticed how your mood is uplifted when you throw on your favourite shirt?

Isn't it great how a shirt can change the look of a suit in an instant?

An ill fitting shirt averts the eye from a beautiful suit in moments, the arms too wide, the sleeves to long and the collar drooping and too much fabric to tuck into to your trousers.  Problems galore!

Susannah Hall Tailors is on a mission to ensure that all the men of London, and in fact the UK, have a shirt that they can be proud of.

A shirt is not just a shirt and should never be an afterthought to a good suit.

A fabulous suit deserves a fabulous shirt. 

There really is no excuse with such an array of shirts on the Susannah Hall website. You can choose from from a wide range colours, from simple plain cloth to wonderful extrovert designs.

Remember quality is key.  All of the Susannah Hall shirts are made within the UK, both the Office Smoothie and bespoke.  Look after them and they will last, they are after all an investment! 

For a glimpse into the Susannah Hall showroom and to purchase some of our gorgeous shirts click here.