“Get it in the neck”

Complete your look with the perfect tie. We stock a fabulous range of ties to suit every occasion with gorgeous designs and colours all UK made. We also stock other British tie designers to compliment our own delicious range. The incredible Augustus Hare knitted tie collection is actually made in Italy. They are beautifully crafted and if you have never owned one why not give them a try!

If you would like a commission or special design for your wedding let us know.

“That extra splash of colour”

Just as important as your suits are your accessories. We have everything from hanks to cufflinks, bow ties to scarves! Delicious colours in every range! We also have amazing new collections from UK designers to compliment our own ranges. British Boxers cotton stretch boxer shorts, Cravat Club cravats, gorgeous hanks from Age of Reason and Edition Scotland pure cashmere scarves.

Modern, classic, cheeky and innovative...everything you could wish for! All UK Made.