Men's bespoke tailoring

“It's a man's world”

Men's tailoring forms the core of our business although our female clients are steadily growing in number. We are extremely proud of the personal and professional service we offer. Our customers, be they bankers or marketing men, lawyers or musicians, architects or celebrities, get exactly what they want, even when they are not quite sure what they are looking for when they walk through the door! We are of course always here to guide and give advice.

If you are looking for a classic English suit, formal wear for that special occasion or something a bit outrageous to impress your friends, we can create the perfect look. All our men’s bespoke tailoring is made in Yorkshire and we have an enormous collection of British cloths from which to make your selection.

No time to leave the office? We can bring SHT to you at your work place. We could be the solution you have been looking for, just call to arrange an appointment.