No wonder British companies like us who truly make in the UK are having such a hard time of it when we have to contend with this!

Here are two examples of emails that have been sent to me. The first from a solicitor I met recently who is as enraged as I am about this kind of behavior, and the second an email from one of the companies who had approached me directly asking if they could supply garments to my business

How are they able to get away with this type of advertising? There should be legislation in place to stop this and to protect honest UK manufactures and suppliers.

I received this response below after explaining to the company that I only use UK suppliers. They were happy to tell me that they have lots of UK customers who remove the Made In China labels and sell their garments as British. This is a SCAM! This is happening all the time and nobody is doing anything about it! This is as bad, if not worse, than the scam emails attempting to get your bank details, or telling you that you have won millions!

This is a rip off. This is a lie!

We need to keep shouting about this in the hope that someone in a position of influence will hear us! This must stop and if you also believe as we do please let us know.


@shalltailors #HKPHOOEY