London, Paris, New York, Milan and yes YORKSHIRE!

London, Paris, New York, Milan and yes YORKSHIRE!

The town that was once associated just with tea, an eccentric farmer and a good biscuit, is fast becoming recognised by major fashion players.

The design capitals of the world hailed as creative, fashion savvy nations, influence everyone from the city slicker to the little girl with big dreams and an even bigger dressing up box.

Taking control of one’s own style is an opportunity to wear your personality on your sleeve, adapt a persona to inspire or provide escapism.

With this in mind it’s easy to forget the workings behind the scenes.

How many can answer the question “where was your favourite piece of clothing made?”

Figures have shown that over 90% of the garments that make up an average wardrobe are created overseas.

With the UK clothing industry importing £12.5 billion more than they export, flying the flag for Britain seems like an impossible feat.

Our hopes were raised when a well known high street retailer promised to provide a collection of menswear, all made here in the UK.

HOORAH! For the briefest of moments we had amazing visions of the great British people flying the flag in their everyday lives, wearing the Best of British.

However, the visions soon turned into fantasy as upon closer inspection, the once respected retailer provided only one jacket for every two of its stores, not so much flying the flag but looking at it still lying in its box.

However, maybe our hopes will be restored as a handful of fashionistas are beginning to seek the help of the great British craftsman to create pieces that are not only unique but of the highest quality.

Mr Karl Lagerfeld hailed the Scottish knitwear manufacturer “Barrie Knitwear” as the “best in the world.”

The announcement saved the company from the grips of administration and it now provides Chanel with its specialty cashmere,

The move by Chanel has been fundamental in saving one of Britain’s finest industries,

It seems that both fashion houses and retailers are beginning to leap aboard the Made in the UK ship that Susannah Hall has been helping to steer for over sixteen years.

All of Hall’s incredible clients, from Clerkenwell and beyond, continue to take pleasure in the fact that the showroom doorway is not only a glimpse into Hall’s creations, but an example of great work from British craftsman.

Will you seek to buy British? How many made in the UK garments are hanging in your wardrobe?