Its a woman's world

The Monday blues have hopefully faded away and the weekend is in sight, Hoorah! So what better reason for another little insight into Susannah Hall Tailors.

We thought that we would let our fabulous readers into a little secret.  OK OK it might be the worst kept secret next to Girls Aloud reuniting but we do like to create a bit of suspense. 

Did you know that Susannah Hall Tailors creates bespoke pieces not just for men, but for women too! WOW ladies, we could hear your sighs of relief from here in Clerkenwell.

Here at Susannah Hall we know just how hard it is to find pieces that not just fit, but are timeless and interesting.  How fabulous to have a garment in you own style, fit and fabric made here in the UK.  It will be individual and truly yours.

Here is Susannah striking a pose in one of her bespoke skirt and jacket ensembles.

The cut and the fabric ensure that you are always effortlessly chic.

And on to my favorite, what a fabulous coat in this wonderful Dormeuil cloth.  Classic yet interesting with its subtle colour and detailing.  Remember, a coat really is an investment and as with all of Hall's creations, look after them well and they will last a lifetime.    

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE.  How frustrating is it when a piece of clothing that you love, and have practically lived in, becomes no longer fit for wear.  Susannah once again comes to the rescue.  We are able to recreate any tailored garment you bring to us.  Whether it be a skirt, jacket or coat, you can choose any colour or design you desire!

So why don't you tell us what you are looking for?