Bespoke about Bond

Classic, timeless cheeky and distinctly British, yes we could be describing Hall, Susannah Hall. However, we are talking about one of the most influential suit wearers in British history.

BOND IS BACK (excited? Oh yes!) And we are looking forward to seeing just how much suit envy Mr Craig creates in the latest Bond instalment, “Skyfall”.

From Connery to Craig, we have all wanted to live and let die in the suits of Bond.

The delightful and delectable Sean Connery, in his famous charcoal grey 3 piece suit, is to blame.

With its distinct texture paired with a crisp white shirt and knitted tie Bond oozed elegance and proved to the world that it’s worth investing your Moneypenny into bespoke tailoring.

Rumour has it that at the time of filming, Connery considered himself as rather inexperienced in the suit wearing business, luckily director Terence Young turned Dr No and prescribed him with strict instructions to wear his suit at all times, even when he was sleeping!

The introduction of Daniel Craig left us wanting to die another day as he showed us simplicity can be striking with soft silhouettes combined with the classic English feel.

Although what a travesty that forty bespoke suits were ruined beyond repair by this modern day action hero...swoon.

No longer were they fit for every day wear, nor a special trip to Casino Royale.

The suspense is over, Skyfall is finally here.

This is rumoured to be the best Bond yet.

Bond is smart, sophisticated and elegant, he can do no wrong.

He has reached the pinnacle of his career, what will the next 50 years bring?

Reach for your own “Skyfall”.

In all our imaginations we dream of being Bond...007