The Perfect Trousers!!

We have been working in collaboration with the Grey Fox Blog to design “the perfect trousers”.

Moving on from skin-tight trousers, David and I have designed a streamlined classic trouser built for comfort and style.

You can order a pair with a single pleat for a more vintage flavour, or flat fronted for a closer fit. ‘The Perfect Trousers’ include a generous 2” turn up.

You can still wear a classic, fabulous trouser without introducing lots of pleats and excess fabric.

The perfect trouser design works well as part of a suit or makes a great statement as a stand-alone piece.

They are cut to suit every generation!

This style translates so well in different fabrics, from a cool crisp pair of chinos to a soft, inviting flannel.

Choose your fabric and make your pleat choice, then we will get the measure of you.

You will only have to wait 4-5 weeks, from placing your order, until you have your very own pair of ‘The Perfect Trousers’.

And of course, they are all made in England!

They start from:

£250 for cotton chino

£290 for a 100% worsted wool

£350 for flannels / tweeds